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FRIDAY: 9AM – 2:30PM

SATURDAY & SUNDAY: Closed, adoptions available by appointment

*Shelter is closed on all major holidays*


Patrol hours do not vary, a BCAC Officer is on duty 24/7.

In case of an emergency, please contact Berrien County Dispatch. (269) 983-3060




BCAC will only respond to service requests
regarding threats to public safety.

Many wild animals have adapted to live
comfortably in an urban environment. It is not
unusual to see raccoons, skunks, squirrels, and
other wildlife in residential areas.

Please direct all wildlife concerns to the
Department of Natural Resources (DNR) at
or visit their website at Otherwise, please contact
your local pest control company.


Helping Wild Babies Survive


Animal Control Law in our Community

Why Was Your Pet ImpoundedFOIA Requests

MI Cruelty Statute

Benefits of Early Spay/Neuter
Common Pet Poisons

Why Dogs Bite

*If your pet is missing, you can log into your
account, select the “report as lost” button
and follow the instructions on the screen.*




If you need assistance with your account, please contact:
Berrien County Animal Control 269-927-5648





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Email address

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If you have not created your online access and you received a quick account setup code.

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To obtain your Setup Code:

1.    Click Login and select Create Account.

2.     Follow the prompts.

If you have questions contact our office at 269-927-5648. 

(There is a $ 4.00 service fee for online purchases)



Select Login to use your email address and password to log into your existing account. 

Once you have successfully completed the online license purchase or renewal, approved applicants will receive their license tag and paperwork in the mail.


Berrien County Only

1 Year

3 Years

  Unaltered Dog



  Altered Dog



  Certified service dog  (documentation required)



  Replacement of Lost Tag



Add $20 to fee for delinquent licenses.
Delinquency occurs when the license is not acquired within 30 days of the rabies vaccine.

Changes to Berrien County Dog Licenses

Effective December 1, 2022

Michigan Law requires all dogs 4 months and older to be licensed. Also, all newly acquired dogs must be licensed within 30 days. You must be a resident of Berrien County to purchase a dog license in Berrien County.

In 2023 licensing will change from a calendar year renewal to a renewal date based on your pet’s rabies vaccination date.   In the case of three year licenses, they will come due at the same time that the 3 year rabies vaccination will be due. 

For example, if a dog received a 1-year vaccination in May of 2022, the current 1-year 2022 dog license will not expire until May 31, 2023. If the dog has a current 3-year license that was issued for 2021 or 2022 the license will be due when the corresponding vaccination is due. If a dog receives a 3-year rabies vaccine and the dog owner chooses to purchase a 1-year dog license, the license will be due each year on the anniversary of the vaccine.


The dog license will be deemed delinquent and subject to $20.00 delinquent fee 30 days after vaccination/anniversary date.


Dog owner’s needing to renew their dog’s license will receive a pre-printed application by mail thirty days before the next rabies vaccination month. Pre-printed applications are NOT required to purchase a license. Failure to receive the renewal notice does not waive the delinquent fee.


In order to qualify for a fee-free service dog license, your dog must perform specific work or tasks for you according to the Americans with Disabilities Act, 42, USC 12101 et seq. Therapy dogs or emotional support dogs do not qualify as a service dog. Service dogs can only be licensed for 1 year at a time without a fee. If you are denied your request, you will be required to pay the regular license fees.









ArloCatMaleDomestic Short HairAdultMedium
ArriettyCatFemaleDomestic Short HairAdultMedium
Brown SugarCatMaleDomestic Long HairAdultMedium
EdgarCatMaleDomestic Short HairAdultLarge
EvieCatFemaleDomestic Short HairAdultMedium
FancyCatFemaleDomestic Short HairAdultMedium
FinnyCatMaleDomestic Short HairAdultMedium
FrancescaCatFemaleDomestic Short HairAdultMedium
JitterCatFemaleDomestic Medium HairAdultMedium
LuciferCatMaleDomestic Short HairAdultMedium
Strawberry PoptartCatFemaleDomestic Short HairAdultMedium
TiktokCatFemaleDomestic Short HairAdultSmall
ZinniaCatFemaleDomestic Short HairAdultMedium
(db1) ChampagneDogFemaleAmerican Pit Bull TerrierAdultMedium
AmoreDogFemaleGerman ShepherdAdultLarge
BillyDogMaleMixed BreedAdultMedium
ChexieDogFemaleMixed BreedAdultMedium
JackoDogMaleAmerican Pit Bull TerrierAdultLarge
MufasaDogMaleAmerican Pit Bull TerrierAdultMedium
MurphyDogMaleAmerican Pit Bull TerrierPuppySmall
NaviaDogFemaleAmerican Pit Bull TerrierAdultMedium
Pudding CupDogMaleLabrador RetrieverPuppySmall
ShastaDogFemaleAustralian Cattle DogAdultMedium
CheddarPocket_petMaleGuinea PigAdultMedium
OreoPocket_petMaleGuinea PigAdultSmall
Filters - Adoptable Pets



These dogs are NOT available for adoption. When and if they are, they will be listed on the Adoptable Pets page and on Petfinder. Please do not call to inquire.


You must provide proof of ownership in order to claim your pet. Photos are NOT acceptable proof of ownership.

Acceptable proof of ownership includes:

·         Dog License Registered to You

·         Microchip Registered to You

·         Collar with Tags / ID to You

·         Veterinary Records

·         Proof of Purchase or Adoption



87346CatUnknownDomestic Short HairKittenNot Specified
87347CatUnknownDomestic Short HairKittenNot Specified
87470CatMaleDomestic Short HairKittenSmall
84765CatFemaleDomestic Short HairAdultNot Specified
87434CatUnknownDomestic Short HairKittenSmall
87248CatUnknownDomestic Short HairKittenSmall
87485CatUnknownDomestic Short HairKittenNot Specified
87509CatUnknownDomestic Medium HairKittenSmall
87340CatMaleDomestic Short HairKittenSmall
87507CatUnknownDomestic Medium HairKittenSmall
ArloCatMaleDomestic Short HairAdultMedium
BigbyCatMaleDomestic Short HairKittenSmall
FancyCatFemaleDomestic Short HairAdultMedium
Feral CatCatUnknownDomestic Short HairAdultLarge
FlynnCatMaleDomestic Short HairKittenSmall
FrancescaCatFemaleDomestic Short HairAdultMedium
JimmyCatMaleDomestic Short HairKittenSmall
JohnCatMaleDomestic Short HairKittenSmall
MaeveCatFemaleDomestic Short HairKittenSmall
Mcsugar PlumCatUnknownDomestic Short HairAdultNot Specified
Medical Foot CatCatUnknownDomestic Short HairAdultMedium
Mom CatCatFemaleDomestic Short HairAdultNot Specified
PiperCatFemaleDomestic Medium HairKittenSmall
StarbucksCatMaleDomestic Short HairKittenSmall
StevenCatMaleDomestic Short HairAdultNot Specified
Swirl KittenCatMaleDomestic Long HairKittenSmall
Swirl KittenCatFemaleDomestic Short HairKittenSmall
Swirl KittenCatMaleDomestic Short HairKittenSmall
Swirl KittenCatMaleDomestic Short HairKittenSmall
Swirl KittenCatFemaleDomestic Short HairKittenSmall
WilcoCatMaleDomestic Short HairKittenSmall
87263DogMaleMixed BreedAdultMedium
87264DogFemaleMixed BreedAdultMedium
87339DogFemaleAmerican Pit Bull TerrierAdultMedium
87158DogFemaleAmerican Pit Bull TerrierAdultNot Specified
87461DogUnknownGolden RetrieverNot SpecifiedNot Specified
87384DogMaleChihuahuaAdultNot Specified
87324DogMaleShih TzuNot SpecifiedSmall
87506DogFemaleAmerican BullyNot SpecifiedNot Specified
87106DogMaleGerman ShepherdAdultNot Specified
83928DogFemaleAmerican Pit Bull TerrierAdultNot Specified
87491DogMaleAmerican BullyAdultMedium
87213DogFemaleAmerican Pit Bull TerrierSeniorMedium
87348DogFemaleAmerican Pit Bull TerrierAdultMedium
87290DogUnknownShih TzuSeniorNot Specified
86634DogFemaleAmerican Pit Bull TerrierAdultMedium
87342DogMaleAmerican Pit Bull TerrierAdultNot Specified
87216DogFemaleAmerican Pit Bull TerrierAdultMedium
87424DogFemaleAmerican Pit Bull TerrierAdultMedium
87254DogMaleAustralian Cattle DogPuppySmall
87310DogFemaleAmerican Pit Bull TerrierAdultNot Specified
AmoreDogFemaleGerman ShepherdAdultLarge
AsteroidDogMaleAmerican Pit Bull TerrierAdultLarge
BearDogMaleAmerican Pit Bull TerrierAdultMedium
BuddyDogMaleMixed BreedAdultSmall
ChexieDogFemaleMixed BreedAdultMedium
Emma JeanDogFemaleHuskyAdultMedium
JackoDogMaleAmerican Pit Bull TerrierAdultLarge
LexieDogFemaleMixed BreedAdultMedium
MapleDogFemaleMixed BreedAdultLarge
PinkDogFemaleAmerican Pit Bull TerrierAdultMedium
Pudding CupDogMaleLabrador RetrieverPuppySmall
ShastaDogFemaleAustralian Cattle DogAdultMedium
Filters - Stray /
Found Pets


If your pet is missing, you can log into your account, select the “report as lost” button and follow the instructions on the screen.

Do these things right away:


1.    Search the Petco Love Lost national lost and found database and Register your pet at Pets that are brought into one of our shelters by a Good Samaritan are automatically uploaded as FOUND pets into Petco Love Lost. 

2.    Post your pet on social platforms, including your local lost and found pets Facebook group, NextDoor, Craigslist, and Pawboost. These are just a few of the Facebook lost and found pets groups in our area. Be safe. Do no include your personal information.



3.    Search the area where your pet was lost. Create LOST PET signs and hang them as you walk around the neighborhood. 



What else should I do? 


  • Ask friends, family, and neighbors to help you search the radium within a mile of your home. 80% of lost pets are found within a mile of where they live so your pet probably has not gone far! 


  • Visit our animal shelter(s): Please contact our office at 269-927-5648. You are also welcome to visit the shelter at 1400 S. Euclid Ave, Benton Harbor, MI 49022. Contact other nearby humane societies, and/or animal control agencies daily to look for your pet and monitor found pet listings daily.



Don’t wait! Do these things right away:


1.    Search the LOST listings on Petco Love Lost, the national lost and found database and Register the found pet on Petco Love Lost. 



2.    Check to see if the pet has a microchip by taking the pet to any veterinary office or the shelter. 



3.    Walk or drive around the area where you found the pet. Create FOUND pet signs you can hang in the area. 



4.    Post the dog on social media platforms including your local Lost and Found Facebook page, Craigslist, Nextdoor, your own social media channels, and Pawboost. Be safe. Do no include your personal information.


If you have held the pet and not been able to find the owner, or if you are unable to hold the pet, you can bring the pet to the shelter during business hours.


If you find a pet after business hours and the animal is sick, injured, or posing a threat to public safety, please call 911 and a police dispatcher will assist.







Before you adopt, careful consideration must be given to the responsibilities of pet ownership.


The Animal Shelter adopts dogs, cats, puppies, kittens and other small pets to the general public.


Adopters must obey all state and county laws pertaining to animals.


A copy of the BCAC laws is provided to anyone making the request for this information.





Payment methods are cash, check or credit.


Cat: $30





This policy will be strictly enforced to ensure that all animals adopted through the Berrien County Animal Shelter will be treated humanely and placed in home with responsible pet owners only.


Persons seeking to adopt an animal through the Berrien County Animal Shelter may be required to complete a pre-adoption questionnaire.


No adoptable animal has a guaranteed holding time.


Information regarding the adopter of any animal from the BCAC is regarded as confidential and will not be released without a court order.




·         To comply with designated dates for rabies inoculations and county animal licensure.


·         To have the new pet examined by a licensed veterinarian within three (3) days of its' adoption to ensure its' present and future health.


·         To provide proper food, proper water and proper shelter (when pet is outdoors).


·         To provide proper shade and hydration in the summer months.


·         To keep the pet as their own. If you can no longer keep the pet, you should contact the Berrien County Animal Shelter.


·         To keep the pet well groomed and make every effort to keep it free of parasites.


·         That currently owned animals are licensed and be up to date on required inoculations.


In addition, all adopted dogs must wear collars with identification tags, rabies and license tags.

·         If the animal is lost, a tag is the best way to reunite the animal with its' owner.

·         We recommend microchipping as a permanent identification.

·         A fenced yard is ideal for all dogs.

·         This protects the dog from roaming and owners from liability that their loose animal can cause.

·         Dogs should never be left unattended in a yard. Chaining, except for brief periods, is not recommended.

·         Dogs will not be placed in homes where they will be allowed to run at large.


Berrien County Animal Control reserves the right to deny any adoption based on previous Animal Control records and/or a Pre-adoption questionnaire.


If an adopted animal dies, then the owner must notify Animal Control in a timely manner.


All adopters are given a copy of the condensed animal control laws of Berrien County will be provided to County residents.


The following policy has been implemented in regards to persons who are ineligible to adopt animals from the shelter:


·         Any person who has been found guilty of abandonment or cruelty to animals.


·         Any person who has turned over custody of an animal to the Berrien County Animal Shelter may be ineligible to adopt animals from the shelter.


·         Any person, who in the opinion of a licensed Veterinarian, has cruelly treated, abused or neglected an animal.


·         Any person with a past history of animal control problems/complaints/violations.


·         Any person under the age of 18, unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.


·         Any person not owning their residence may be required to provide proof, in writing from the landlord that they have permission to have animal on the property.


·         No animal will be adopted as a gift for another person.



·         Each kennel will display a card with all pertinent information completed and show the date the animal is available for adoption.


·         Adoptable animals will be identified as "For Adoption".


·         All adoptable animals are offered on a first come, first serve basis.

o   Individuals traveling in excess of 40 miles may contact the shelter to make arrangements to hold a pet to ensure it will be here upon arrival.


·         The specified adoption fee must be paid at the time of adoption.


·         Placement options for your pet will be discussed with you.


·         The adoption of very small dogs or potentially aggressive dogs will be discouraged to homes with young children.



·         Animals that have exhibited vicious tendencies will not be available for adoption.


·         Wolf Hybrids and wild animals will not be offered for adoption.


·         When identified as pregnant, these animals are not normally identified as for adoption.

o   Individuals wishing to adopt pregnant animals will be required to seek immediate spay of the animal at the adopter's expense.




Stray animals have a holding time. If not claimed by an owner at the end of that time, the animal shall be deemed abandoned and become the property of the Berrien County Animal Shelter.

The stray animal will then either be offered for adoption or humanely euthanized.








Berrien Veterinary Services

9719 Hills Rd

Baroda, MI 49101



Benton Harbor

Nickerson Animal Health Center

921 Nickerson Ave

Benton Harbor, MI 49022



Berrien Springs

Two by Two Animal Hospital

7657 M-139

Berrien Springs, MI 49103




Ani-Med Animal Health Center

9781 Red Arrow Highway

Birdgman, MI 49103




Arrow Pet Clinic

6920 E. Red Arrow Hwy

Coloma, MI 49038




4809 Paw Paw Lake Road

Coloma, MI 49038




Dowagiac Animal Hospital

54791 N. M-51

Dowagiac, MI 49047




Hartford Animal Hospital

62365 E. Red Arrow Hwy

Hartford, MI 49057


New Buffalo

New Buffalo Animal Hospital

600 W. Buffalo St

New Buffalo, MI 49117




River Valley Equine Clinic

315 Bell Road

Niles, MI 49120



Town & County Veterinary Clinic

3127 N. 5th St

Niles, MI 49117



St. Joseph

St. Joseph Animal Wellness

2610 N. Trail Lane

St. Joseph, MI 49085



Sunset Coast Veterinary Clinic

4091 M-139

St. Joseph, MI 49085




Freeway Veterinary Clinic

5200 Red Arrow Hwy

Stevensville, MI 49127



Lakeshore Animal Health Care

1621 W. John Beers Rd

Stevensville, MI 49127



Three Oaks

Dr. J. Lee White, DVM

11 Butternut St


Low Cost Spay/Neuter


4525 S/ Burnett Dr

South Bend, IN 46614



Spay Neuter Express

(travels to St. Joe and Benton Harbor)

11610 Fulton St E

Lowell, MI 49331

(616) 897-8865


Kalamazoo Humane Society

4239 S Westnedge Ave

Kalamazoo, MI 49008

(269) 345-1181





Cash donations are used for spay and neuter, medical supplies and care, and general support of the animals.


If you would like to donate in honor of a special person or choose how your donation is used, please complete the donation form. Contact our office if you would like to make a lasting gift by including BCAC in your will.


Please make checks payable to "County of Berrien" and mail to or drop off at:


Berrien County Animal Control

1400 S. Euclid Avenue

Benton Harbor, MI 49085


Material donations are used to care for the animals staying at the shelter. You can shop from home using our Amazon Wishlist, or see the list below to shop from a retailer of your choice.